Before I dig deep into the topic, below are the few points to remember:

In Java, all objects are stored in the heap. Every Android developer must have encountered the OutOfMemoryError, also known as OOME. Usually, this error is thrown when the Java Virtual Machine cannot allocate an object because it is out of memory, and no more memory could be made available by…

How can I improve my Chess Game? How can I improve my Chess Rating. I think these are very common question among all the amateur Chess Players. Well I too consider myself as an amateur Chess Player. Then you must be thinking how can I guide someone to improve their…

Find average of Two MAX_VALUE of an Integer.

Before we dive into the basic of computing average and give the answer as ((a+b)/2)), then I hate to say that, this will not work. Lets deep dive into basics first.

The value of Integer.MAX_VALUE = 2147483647. Now what will happen if we increment it with value 1. …

In this blog I’m not going to explain, rather I’ll share the tips and sources which I’m using to improve my coding skills. I’ll be sharing the coding sites, video tutorials and the book which I use to improve my Coding.

Lets talk about Coding Sites:

You may heard of many sources like hackerearth, hacerrank

There are many sorting algorithms, which do the same thing. But the question is which sorting algorithm is best at what scenario.

We will be differentiating the doubt with the Big O Notation. Here is a great link to this. However, below is the small description.

Android device comes with a very nifty tool i.e. GPU Overdraw. This tool will help you figure out the UI related issues. I’ll try to explain this with the help of an example. First of all we need to enable GPU Overdraw.

Steps to enable GPU Overdraw:

a). On your…

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